Friday, December 23, 2011

customer feedback contest

The customer feedback page on the website has been really neglected.  I plan to update it soon and thought a little contest would be a fun way to get the project started.
Email with your feedback on a {simple starfish} jewelry piece that you have purchased or received.  Include a photo for major bonus points!

Anyone picked to be included on the customer feedback page will receive a 20% off coupon! And one winner will receive a $25 off coupon code!


Anonymous said...

Sent you an email with a picture for the contest:)

Lisa McKenzie

Bear and Maverick said...

The best one is the "mamma bird" necklace. Pearls in the Asian culture are given as gifts to new or expecting mothers (mother of pearl) so having the pearl beads with the mamma bird necklace is just perfect!

Anonymous said...

simple single circle necklace with name or word and Swarovski birthstone would be my choice and i'd have the word hope engraved on it. I do hope I win :)